We have rich experience in building homes. We develop, implement, rehabilitate and maintain your housing projects.

Our team is highly experienced in executing each step of the home creation process. We gain a deep understanding of your needs initially, thanks to our excellent communication strategy. The housing project is then created by our professionals to meet your needs. As a result, you can expect a cost-effective and sustainable housing project from start to finish. Meeting the highest environmental requirements and guaranteeing the physical and mental well-being of household members are all parts of today’s intelligent housing solutions. With over 14 years of experience, you can trust Tredje’s team to handle even the most complex challenges of this kind.

Our homes are modern and good to live in. They foster a sense of comfort and security.


We build vibrant and productive workspaces customized for your business needs.

Commercial building

Our team is highly capable of realizing various types of public construction projects suiting your requirements.

Public building

Tredje meets your needs for healthcare facilities. Be it small, medium or more complex projects.

Healthcare building

We build inspirational teaching environments that enhance students’ capacity to learn.

Teaching building

Helping your buildings meet the latest environmental and aesthetic standards.


We develop and execute all types of construction projects

TREDJE is a Norwegian contractor that develops
and executes all types of construction projects







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