The relationship between your buildings and their environment has never been more vital. We take great delight in ensuring that your building contributes to sustainable urban development.
Our lean solutions improve your health and contribute to a more sustainable society. We apply energy-efficient solutions in our projects to reduce energy usage.
This is accompanied by a pleasant indoor atmosphere and great ventilation. The buildings of the future must be durable and environmentally friendly.

Concern for environment

Our team is highly experienced in executing each step of the home creation process. We gain a deep understanding of your needs initially, thanks to our excellent communication strategy. The housing project is then created by our professionals to meet your needs. As a result, you can expect a cost-effective and sustainable housing project from start to finish. Meeting the highest environmental requirements and guaranteeing the physical and mental well-being of household members are all parts of today’s intelligent housing solutions. With over 14 years of experience, you can trust Tredje’s team to handle even the most complex challenges of this kind.

Fossil-free and emission-free

Tredje has been steadily increasing its knowledge in the area of reducing negative environmental impact. One of our core premises as a company with a strong feeling of responsibility is to see each building in its larger context. An important part of this commitment is to achieve fossil-free construction sites by 2030. The fact that the construction industry is responsible for a quarter of worldwide CO2 emissions testifies about the importance of this commitment.

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