We finance, invest, develop and successfully implement real estate projects in several areas, with a special focus on residential and commercial real estate development. The projects we develop are customized according to your specific needs and they meet the latest environmental standards. Our houses and buildings are safe and good to live in, and our workplaces facilitate a productive and vibrant working atmosphere. In short - we build the ambience of the future.

Housing development

A well-crafted housing plan for your home

Our team of architects and home planners create a modern home that is easy to live in. Sense of comfort and security are essential in achieving this. We create and implement a unique housing plan after taking a thorough look at your requirements. Starting with a well crafted interior design and taking special care of finding well suited lighting solutions. Quality, functionality and satisfaction is what you are guaranteed to receive.

All this thanks to our reliable and experienced team at Tredje and our excellent partners.

Commercial real estate

A customized workspace plan that enhances productivity

Your workspace speaks volumes about your business. And this may be most visible with your employees: are they productive? Does creativity spark around the room, and are they immersed in the tasks at hand? If yes, then make no mistake – your workspace plays a large role in that.

We develop such vibrant workspaces customized exactly for your business needs. Great lighting, good temperature, and perfect air flow – maximize the well-being, satisfaction, and creativity of your employees. Decorations matching your brand image and helping them fully identify with your mission and values.

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