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Our trusted partners guarantee that the work we put into consulting and designing comes to life and that your vision sees the light of day. Together we create ambience!

Our Slovenian partners at Nimo believe that good interior design is like telling a good story, each part has to work in order to provide the perfect ambience for our customers.

They firmly embrace the idea that a hotel should not only be a place you stay for the night, but rather a place you can feel at home in.

Providing a great experience while visiting a hotel is equally important as the quality of the stay, and since first impressions are important, creating a lasting one is crucial. Each hallway, each room and each bar needs to leave a significant mark in order for this to work. And they promise to provide just that to our customers.

Hospitality Interior Design

Furniture production company

A key part to an enjoyable stay at any hotel, or at any place really, is the furniture and how it combines with the interior to provide the perfect ambience. Our Slovenian Partners at Hit Preless provide high value furniture for any occasion and any room.

Whether that be high quality beds for the night or memorable office chairs for your workplace.

Furniture has the ability to make an ordinary room extraordinary, and give it a relaxing feeling along the way.

Their expertly designed furniture is sure to provide this unique feeling of adventure to every room working with our partners to make the ambience a full fledged experience.

Light up your vision with the best state of the art lighting systems, expertly designed to provide your vision with the correct lighting. Without good lighting a space can feel off and empty. However, good lighting can make a room feel magical, our partners team of experts from Kosovo is dedicated to doing just that

Providing our customers and their visitors with the lighting their amazing interiors deserve, we take great pride in making sure each lightbulb has a specific mission to accomplish. Each bulb needs to be special, each lighting system needs to be perfectly in place in order for the magic to work.


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